Professional Vending Services offers new, easy fundraising opportunity

GREENEVILLE, Tenn. – Are you gearing up for another fundraiser at work? Busy baking items for the bake sale or cleaning out your garage for the yard sale?

Everyone can agree that these fundraisers are for great causes. But they sure can be a hassle. Professional Vending Services has a solution that raises money for your cause without putting a lot of extra work on employees.

Through our Café To Go division, Professional Vending Services has access to delicious, pre-packaged foods. For the first quarter of 2013, our featured product is biscuits. Who doesn’t love a hot, flaky biscuit for breakfast, or maybe even dinner?

This fundraising opportunity works by letting your team sell the biscuits to co-workers as well as friends and family. The profits from the sales can then be donated to your charitable cause. There’s no baking for hours the night before or lugging items from home in hopes that someone will buy them. It’s easy, simple and effective.

The biscuits are packaged in a re-sealable bag with 54 dough plugs per bag. Once your order is received, the product is delivered in seven days.

Since 1989, Professional Vending Services has specialized in full-line vending, coffee, bottled spring water and catering. We know food and how to help customers save with quality products. Call us at 423-639-3188 for more information on any of our product lines.

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